Earth News|Collected: A round-up of this week’s good news for the planet

The teenie, tiny Elephant Shrew has been rediscovered after half a century in hiding.

Well, not exactly hiding, but certainly thought ‘missing’ as the last scientific record of it was taken in 1968. The adorable little creature – called the “Somali sengi” (or Elephantulus revoilii) –  is related to the elephant, even though it is only about the size of a mouse, and was rediscovered this week in Africa.

These cuties mate for life, can get up to speeds of 30km/h and eat ants by sucking them up through their trunk-like nose. They had been put on the Global Wildlife Conservation group’s “25 most wanted lost species” list, but after receiving tips that the sengi might be in Djibouti on the Horn of Africa, a search party was sent out to find out. The scientific team on the search successfully found and caught 12 sengis in traps.

Robin Moore from the Global Wildlife Conversation group told The Independent that the find was “a welcome and wonderful rediscovery during a time of turmoil for our planet, and one that fills us with renewed hope for the remaining small mammal species on our most wanted list.”

Our favourite broadcaster and natural historian, Sir David Attenborough, is back to lift our spirits with a Planet Earth special.

“In these extraordinary times, there is one thing that can offer solace to everyone. The wonder of the natural world.” These are the words of the legend that is Sir David Attenborough, spoken in his familiar tones and taken from the trailer for his upcoming Planet Earth special.

According to the BBC, the special one-hour programme “brings together eight of the most extraordinary sequences from Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II including racer snakes vs iguana, surfing bottlenose dolphins and rare footage of the Himalayan snow leopard”.

Accompanying the incredible images of the natural world that we all know and love the series for; Planet Earth: A Celebration features a soundtrack that was created in collaboration between composers Hans Zimmer and Jacob Shea, and UK rapper Dave, designed to “raise our spirits” during the pandemic and create a “visual and musical feast”.

The program’s trailer, which was released this week, includes plenty of spine-tingling messages from Sir Attenborough, like this one:

“Never before in the history of human kind has it been more critical to protect and nurture the natural world, which is after all, our home too.”

We hear ya, Sir David! The trailer also features a swimming sloth and you can watch it right here:

Ahhhhh. We feel calmer already.

Planet Earth: A Celebration airs on BBC One in the UK and 8/7c on BBC America at 8pm on Monday 31st August. The Australian release date is still TBC, but if it follows sync with previous Planet Earth episodes, it’s likely not to be too far behind.

This Aussie travelling around the country in a fire truck powered by plants… and #goals.

Here at Earth Collective, we’ve been mates with “Lucky Roland” for a while. In fact, he is the voice behind our podcast “The Ripple Effect”. So when he told us he was going to convert an ex-RFS fire truck to run on waste cooking oil and tour Australia to clean beaches and spread eco-awareness, we were like “that’s awesome!”, but also “erm…how?!”.

Well, we are proud as punch to say Roland has indeed achieved his dream and is now on the road, alongside our very own eco-ninja, Charlie Thompson. Between them, the planet-loving pair have already cleaned up a (literal) tonne of rubbish from Australia’s beautiful shoreline, and they’ve only just got started. You can follow their journey right here on Earth Collective and also on Lucky Roland’s YouTube channel here. Good luck on your travels, Roland and Charlie!


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