Change the world, one cloth nappy at a time

You know what’s really easy to forget in between cleaning up mess and calming cries? How powerful your everyday routines and decisions actually are. Especially when it comes to the products you use on yourself and the bodies of your little ones.

You know that choosing toxin-free oils and lotions, cleansers, bottles, nappies, and more are vital to the wellbeing of everyone you love.

But beyond their precious skin and even more precious health is a truth many of us don’t pause to confront: the world that our babies live in — the future of our planet — is being steadily diminished by poor human consumption habits. And unfortunately, it’s our children who are going to have to manage the aftermath of the decisions we make now.

As a collective, there’s no denying that global warming is happening and we are part of the problem. A rise in sea levels, the melting of polar ice caps, the increasing number of devastating natural disasters — it’s our planet’s eco-system reacting to all of the pollution we have a hand in creating every day.

Truth is, what we consume and how we consume it either brings more harm to our planet or helps lessen the burden it’s already carrying. And if you’re here, it’s our guess you’d love to make a difference to ensure your children live on a healthy, happy Earth.

Well, you can! And it isn’t complicated. Phew, right?

How you can change the world one nappy at a time

As a mum, it might shock you to learn that disposable nappies account for 30% of the garbage in landfills — 30%!!! While it’s a startling number, it’s also a huge opportunity to do things a little bit differently.

You see, statistics tell us that the Australian population alone uses 5.6 million nappies per day with over 2 billion going into landfill sites each year. But what if every Australian mum committed to using one cloth nappy per day to decrease her disposable nappy usage?

By using just one cloth nappy a day, one mum alone can save the planet from 365 disposable nappies each year. And as a collective, we can save the planet millions.

As you can see, just one cloth nappy per day does wonders for the positive impact your household makes on the wellbeing of our planet for future generations without making your job as mum more challenging than it already is.

Not only that, but cloth nappies today are incredibly cute, and dare we say, chic! Once you lay eyes on them we reckon you’ll fall in love and enjoy wrapping up your baby’s bum in their designs. And if you’re worried about their performance, you don’t have to be. Cloth nappies are just as effective at absorbing moisture and mess, while also keeping your baby’s skin nice and dry.

We invite you to join our #oneaday cloth nappy campaign today. Your commitment to taking this single action every day is powerful and both your child and the planet will thank you.

As a collective, we’re powerful enough to influence supply chains and encourage new, sustainable solutions for now and for the future through our everyday habits.

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Blair Badenhop

Blair is a wellness copywriter and the host of the Brand Yourself podcast. She’s passionate about living a healthy and conscious lifestyle - taking care of her body, mind and heart; practicing kindness and compassion; and being mindful of her impact on people’s lives and the planet.

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