About Earth Collective

Hello, you wonderful human! We exist to simplify sustainable living for you. Here’s how:

  • We provide free information that helps you create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, without overwhelm. You can access this information via our website, social media, emails and podcast.
  • We assess products and services against our Wellness & Sustainability Standard and provide you with a directory of kind, healthy and sustainable solutions that you can feel good about using. Click here to browse your directory of feel-good products and services.
  • We source truthful and reputable environmental news and current affairs, without the BS. We’re working on a way to get this delivered straight to your inbox.
  • We’re a community that nurtures and supports each other in making the changes demanded by our modern-day sustainability challenges. Our house rules are no judgement and no action is too small. We’re all in this together and we celebrate every kind action taken towards a better future.

Welcome to Earth Collective

We’re living in topsy turvy times here on planet Earth, and while humanity faces a lot of challenges, we also have loads of opportunity to make the world a better place, right from our homes.

Sustainable living isn’t for “hippies”. Sustainable living is simply – living. It’s something we all need to adopt to halt climate change and save life on Earth, which includes us humans. It involves lots of little switches in what we buy, how we use things and how we go about our daily lives. It can make us feel healthier and more energetic, save us money, and create a sense of connection and joy. Once you get started and the happy hormones begin to flow, it’s damn addictive!

We’re here to make sustainable living easy by cutting through the clutter and bringing you truthful, scientifically evidenced, uncomplicated information that’s simple to understand. 

Our mission is to build the world’s biggest digital sustainable living guide for you

What we publish on our website, social media, email and podcast will always be shared with honesty and integrity, because we want you to succeed in your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle, not fall at the first hurdle when a product you’ve purchased doesn’t work like you’d expect it to, or a DIY recipe is too complicated, or an article you’ve read turns out to be fake news. 

We’re here to empower your journey to care for the planet and your health, to drive global change, as a collective.


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“How could I look my grandchildren in the eye and say I knew what was happening to the world and did nothing”
– David Attenborough

Why we do what we do

  • We have 11.5 years until an unprecedented climate disaster as a result of the consumption that’s fuelling rapid climate change (think: agriculture, transport, energy).
  • Due to our excessive need for convenience, our waste is growing at double the rate of our population and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.
  • The toxic chemicals we consume and use in our everyday products and food are responsible for 1 in 4 health issues.
  • These same chemicals are responsible for our babies being born pre-polluted with an average of 200 chemicals in their umbilical cords.
  • On average, our homes contain 10 gallons of synthetic chemicalbased products that cause the air indoors to be five times more polluted than the air outdoors.
  • And the 250B tonnes of chemical emissions that we create have caused scientists to now classify our planet as “toxic”.

These complicated issues can be solved by one simple solution: sustainable living

The difficulty is that we’re living in a world of fake news (false information) and greenwashing (the false advertising seen when a product claims to be more environmentally friendly than it really is).

The internet is full of misleading information and the supermarkets are packed with products that are often not as “natural”, “organic” or “eco-friendly” as they are labelled to be. It’s a minefield.

In 2016, we decided it was time that someone took a lead in providing transparent and scientifically evidenced information that people can trust. 

Our values

Everything we publish is researched, reviewed, evidenced and fact checked. 

We’re here to make complex challenges simple to understand and simple to solve.

We’re dedicated to providing truthful and transparent information that you can trust.

We’re passionate about lifelong learning and will grow and evolve with the latest science.

Our global challenges can only be solved together, without judgement, celebrating positive change driven by people, businesses, corporates and governments. We all have a role to play.

We’re here to empower your journey to care for the planet and your health, to drive global change, as a collective.

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