8 ways to personally battle with climate change

The planet’s climate has been slowly changing, and these changes have impacted our environment detrimentally. While it may be too late to reverse all these effects, you can still make an impact by reducing your carbon footprint through some simple changes in your daily life.

1. Use Public Transportation

Opting for public transportation over private modes of travel will reduce your carbon footprint by reducing emissions. Instead of driving yourself to work in a car, ride a bike or hop on a bus with friends.

2. Fly Less

If you’re feeling anxious about your impact on climate change, one of your best bets is to reduce flying. It’s not an easy fix; some destinations — like Australia — are only reachable by plane. But there are ways to limit flying for work purposes, like holding meetings on Zoom instead of in person.

3. Reduce Meat and Dairy Consumption

Raising animals for food is notoriously resource-intensive, and with the population increasing, curbing meat and dairy consumption is key. According to the Government of Western Australia, direct livestock emissions contribute 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia; livestock consume vast amounts of land, water, and energy and are responsible for rampant air and water pollution.

4. Use Less Power

Learn more about energy use at home, at work, and on the go. Start by unplugging any appliances when not in use, turning off lights when leaving a room, upgrading old appliances such as refrigerators or water heaters, and swapping out incandescent light bulbs for energy-efficient ones.

5. Teach Kids to Recycle

Your Local Families Magazine points out that teaching kids about climate change is one of the best ways to involve them. Recycling is an excellent way for children to take an active role in learning how their actions can benefit the planet. Whether you’re educating your children or teaching a group of neighborhood kids, it helps if you have simple visual aids like picture cards that show what can and cannot be recycled.

6. Green Your Neighbourhood

Turn over a new leaf by greening your neighbourhood. Trees suck up excess carbon dioxide from the air and give off fresh oxygen, which helps combat climate change. Planting trees also increases property values and improves neighbourhood quality of life.

7. Start an Eco-Friendly Business 

For some people, changing their own lives in an eco-friendly way is not enough. That’s why they become entrepreneurs and launch an eco-friendly business. There are plenty of ideas out there including:

  • Green cleaning business using eco-friendly products
  • Refurbishing or recycling tech business 
  • Composting business
  • Air duct cleaning business

Be sure to practice sustainability in all aspects of your business. For example, you can create an effective paperless invoicing process that ensures getting paid quickly and on time, while also reducing or even eliminating the paperwork. By utilising easy to use invoicing software,  you can choose from pre-made templates to create customised invoices that include text, color schemes, photos, your logo, and more. Find software that makes it possible to produce invoices in your preferred digital format, such as PDF.

8. Relieve Anxiety

Spend some time outside. Being in nature reduces stress and anxiety. If you don’t have a local park, then find another place that makes you feel relaxed, like an art gallery or a church. Listen to soothing music during your workout or sip some herbal tea.

Fighting Climate Change

If you’re looking for relief from climate anxiety and want to do your part in fighting climate change, try these strategies. Saving the environment isn’t just good for humans — the ecosystem also affects many species that rely on it.

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