How to host an eco-friendly baby shower in 7 steps

When a lady’s got ‘a bun in the oven’ a celebration always is in order! She deserves to be showered with love and gifted with new mum essentials that are going to make welcoming baby into the world easier.

If you’re the lucky friend or family member who’s accepted the task of planning this sweet affair, creating a beautiful experience that doesn’t break the bank is probably what you’re after. While it’s easy to take the usual approach of grabbing paper napkins, plastic plates and utensils, it’s even better—and cooler—do bring an eco-friendly edge to the planning process.

Truth is, if you take the ‘old fashioned’ approach, you’ll end up throwing all of those single-use items away, which creates excess waste and ends up costing you more in the long run. Going eco is not only cleaner, but its such a fresh way to celebrate a mum and this exciting time in her life.

Sure, an eco-friendly approach may require a little more thought and effort. But what if the strategy was already done for you so that all you have to do is bring it to life? That would make things easier, wouldn’t it?

Below you’ll find the 7 key things to keep in mind as you plan an epic eco-chic baby shower and reduce the use of paper and plastics. You can rest assured your event will be both a special and wallet-friendly day for all involved. Win-win!

7 ways to host an eco-friendly baby shower

1. Host At Home
One of the most cozy and simple places to host a shower is in your home or the home of a loved one. Not only does it cut out the cost of a separate venue, but it also allows you to make the event a truly intimate and thoughtful experience for the mum-to-be. Plus, you’ll have full control over the décor, food, and all of the goodies that come along with it.

2. Skip The Paper
Invitations While classic paper invites are the usual way to spread the word about an event, a lot of energy and money goes into making what will surely land in the trash shortly after it’s pulled from the envelope. We live in a digital world with iPhone calendars and even event apps, so choosing an electronic invitation instead will not be disorienting for your guests. And it will make it much easier for you to create, send, and monitor RSVPs from the comfort of a computer (while wearing pyjamas). The earth would give you a high five for this one.

3. Decorate With Baby Gifts
Streamers, signage, and balloons—it’s all pretty, but it also gets tossed in the trash the moment your event concludes. To cut down on waste and get creative, why not use the baby gifts as décor instead? Picture this: onesies hang side by side above the mantle with twine and clothes pegs; baby bottles with name tags act as place cards; and potted plants are the centre pieces on every table. Going green never looked so cute!

4. Discourage Conventional Gift Wrapping
Make it easier on your guests and the earth, by asking everyone to bring their gift as is—or request that they wrap them up in something recycled like paper bags, gently used wrapping paper, etc. It’s a great opportunity to get creative! Plus, you’ll prevent a lot of excess paper usage and waste, and have a lot less to clean up once the mum-to-be finishes opening her new goodies.

5. Request Hand-Me-Downs
Babies outgrow their clothing very quickly, and mums are often left with a stack of newborn essentials that are barely worn. That’s why it’s such a lovely — and eco-friendly — idea to ask them to bring their unneeded items as gifts instead of buying something new.

6. Use Real Cutlery & Plates
Skipping the paper and plastic utensils is one of the economic and eco-loving ways to throw a shower. Not to mention, it gives you an excuse to use your good china or show off your favourite serving items. Save money and the planet at the same time.

7. Let Mum Choose Her Baby Shower Gifts
For the guests that want to go off the gift registry or contribute to a baby accessory your mum friend really wants, encourage them to get her a gift voucher. This gives her the chance to choose something special for her baby or for herself that she really wants rather than a gift she might not use, creating waste.

Follow these guidelines and the mum-to-be will not only be showered with all the best, but will feel good knowing the celebration of her little one was done with care.

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