4 ways to avoid poo explosions and leaky nappies

Becoming a mum was easily the most magical moment of my life, second to my wedding (sorry husband!). From the very instant I heard that cry, my whole world changed. I felt a type of heart-bursting love unlike anything I had ever felt before and this little person became the centre of my universe (once again, sorry husband!).

Along with this little bundle of cuteness comes a whole lot of surprises. Mostly amazing. Some good and some so strange that you can’t help but laugh.

And then there are those surprises that your friends with babies neglect to mention. The part of becoming a new mother that many blogs, baby checklists and books leave out.

I’m referring to those gross surprises that you find you were in no way mentally prepared to deal with in that state of sleep deprivation.

That moment when you pick up an unsettled or fussing baby only to discover a damp patch on their clothes and their bedding. That moment when you are carrying your baby in the baby carrier or holding them during a feed and you feel something warm, gooey and yellow trickling down your arm and your bub’s leg.

I’m talking about poo explosions and leaky pee nappies!

Equipped with a pack of newborn nappies from the hospital, I felt confident that I had all the tools I needed to tackle being mother to a newborn. I mean, how hard could nappy changing really be?

It turns out, it’s not always as simple as it sounds!

For all the new mamas out there, here are my top tips to tackling explosions and avoiding leaks…

Get the right fit

I’ve tried a whole bunch of newborn nappies and avoiding leaks really boils down to one thing: ensure that the nappy fits correctly. Newborn nappies tend to have very little variation between brands but as your baby grows, checking size/weight charts becomes more important.

Check often

After a few leaky nappies and poo explosions, I realised that a way to minimise the risk is to check your bub’s nappies frequently, especially straight after they wake up from a nap or feed.

Have backup tools!

I found out what can happen to those crisp, cute white baby clothes too late! I suggest you invest in a really, really, really good laundry detergent. It’s important to choose one that is both gentle on your baby’s skin and effective at erasing those tough yellow stains. I find that bi-carb soda is handy for pre-treating stains, and follow a wash by drying in direct sunlight – both serve as natural bleaching agents.

Make sure you always have spare clothes for bub when you’re out.

When you’re in, washing bub under a tap is a quick and easy way to get them clean. While you’re out, effective but gentle baby wipes will be your saviour.

If all else fails

What happens when you feel like you’ve tried everything and still have a ton of laundry covered in bright yellow poo that smells of boiled milk and pee?

Well, accept your current running tally (where baby is clearly winning) and take solace in the fact that this shall pass – in the future the tables will turn, and you can make that ungrateful teenager do your laundry as one of their weekly chores!

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