20 new species discovered; UK to stop funding overseas fossil fuel projects; France launches ‘repairability’ tags

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“Ecological Swat team” discovers 20 unknown species in Andean ‘sky islands’

Some of the animals discovered included a teeny, tiny 10mm-long frog, a pit viper, two metalmark butterflies and an adder’s-mouth orchid. The elusive devil-eyed-frog and satyr butterfly, both rarely seen, were also re-discovered.

The scientists responsible for these discoveries had spent two weeks hiking up and down the 2,000 metre slopes of the steep-sided peaks of the Andes, in an expedition that was part of Conservation International’s Rapid Assessment Program.

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The gift of presence, not just presents, this Christmas

The UK has pledged to stop funding overseas fossil fuel projects

The UK Prime Minister has committed to ending taxpayer support for overseas fossil fuel projects “as soon as possible”. The announcement coincided with the beginning of the Climate Ambition Summit, which the UK is hosting alongside the UN and France.

The policy, which the government calls “world leading”, means the UK will no longer fund new crude oil, natural gas or thermal coal projects, with very limited exceptions; which is a stark contrast to the £21 billion of tax payer money that funded overseas fossil fuel development in the last four years.

Read more on gov.uk.

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France encouraging people to repair, rather than replace, with new tags

In a bid to promote reuse and repair of electronic items, such as phones, laptop, tablets, and other electronics, France will start putting ‘repairability tags’ on devices from January 2021, and it’s expected other European countries will follow suit.

The idea is to make repairs more appealing, systematic and cost-efficient, thereby encouraging consumers to repair, rather than replace. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have also called for a common charger system to reduce waste, and to have products labelled for their durability.

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